The Serengeti Trading was established in May of 2000, to supply a diverse selection of green coffees to roasters and other importers across North America.

While we stock coffees of all grades, our specialty coffee division continues to grow - including a selection of organic and other specialty coffees. We are licensed through FLO-Cert, Fair Trade USA, and the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center (SMBC), as well as maintain memberships with the Specialty Coffee Association America (SCAA) Roasters Guild, and Rainforest Alliance.

As experts in the coffee industry, we employ a strict evaluation process for every coffee purchased to maintain our quality standards. Our staff at Serengeti are very knowledgeable about coffee and dedicated to providing you with pertinent information about market trends, as well as offer recommendations. Our goal at Serengeti is to provide you, our customer, with green coffee that consistently satisfies your roasting needs.


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